Forest Stewardship Plan Overview – Tsawak-qin Forestry 2023-2028

The Tsawak-qin Forestry Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) encompasses Tree Farm Licence 44 located on Vancouver Island, in the vicinity of Port Alberni, Bamfield, Nitinat, Uchucklesaht Inlet, and Great Central Lake.

FSPs are a key operational plan under the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA). FSPs do not show future cutblocks and roads for approval, they identify broad areas called Forest Development Units (FDUs) where timber harvesting and road construction may occur. FSPs are subject to public review and comment and must be approved by government before taking effect for a 5-year term.

For each of the 11 FRPA values and their objectives set by government, such as wildlife and biodiversity, the FSP identifies legally binding results and strategies, forest practices, measures, and standards, which will be required to be implemented by the Holder of the FSP in the FDUs. Results and strategies must be consistent with government objectives and must be measurable and verifiable. The FSP also must be consistent with government objectives set out in Land-Use Plans, such as the Vancouver Island Land Use Plan, and sub-unit plans such as approved Landscape Unit Plans.

The Tsawak-qin Forestry FSP is comprised of one FDU area where all primary forest activities are carried out by the plan holder. An overview map within the FSP document shows the location of the FDU. More detailed FSP maps are available in the links below.
An FSP companion document has been prepared to assist in interpreting the content of the FSP and is available below.

Forest Stewardship initiatives by Tsawak-qin Forestry do not end at the FSP level. The FSP forms only one part of the overall forest stewardship and due diligence process. Examples of other sustainability initiatives include our Environmental Management System and Forest Certification, Standard Operating Procedures, and TFL Management Plans. In addition to the legal framework in the FSP, other regulatory requirements are outside the FSP, such as the Heritage Conservation Act, Wildlife Act, Foresters Act, Land Act, Federal Species at Risk Act, Federal Fisheries Act, and First Nations case law.

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